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D1006 medical centrifuge

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    Model NumberD1006
    D1006 medical centrifuge
    *Maximum capacity 8 x 15 ml, maximum speed 6500 rpm (3684 g)
    * Maintenance-free brushless DC BLDC motor driver
    * Digital display speed and time settings
    * Cover lock security function - The cover opens automatically when the run is complete
    * With automatic detection of unbalance detection
    * equipped with a rotor for all standard blood collection tubes
    *Optional autoclave rotor for 8 x 15 ml and 6 x 15 ml
    Technical Parameters
    Parameter Type    Parameter value
    model D1006
    Cat.No. FUG000007
    Rotor 6-hole rotor 8-hole rotor
    Max Speed 6500r/min
    Max Capacity 6×15ml 8×15ml
    Max Rcf 3684g 3873g
    Speed Accuracy ±100r/min
    Fix angle 25°
    Acceleration time 25s 32±2s
    Deceleration time 39s 40±2s
    Input voltage 24V 4.1A 24V 5A
    Power consumption 100W 120W
    Dimension (L×W×H) 260×244×203mm
    Weight 4.00kg
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