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CQ-1000 automatic liquid-liquid extraction device

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    Model NumberCQ-1000
    CQ-1000 automatic liquid-liquid extraction device
    1. Adopt standard separatory funnel, which is versatile and interchangeable, and convenient for loading and unloading.
    2, three time setting methods, convenient for different users.
    3, the operation is simple and convenient, the machine has time to set the memory function, reducing the trouble of repeated settings.
    4, the separatory funnel has a wide range of capacity, the maximum can use 1000ml separatory funnel.
    Technical Parameters
    Oscillation mode: double vertical or tilt up and down oscillation (0~15° adjustable)
    Oscillation speed: 0~300/min (adjustable)
    Amplitude: 40mm
    Number of extraction: 2~10 (pieces)
    Extraction efficiency: 95~110%
    Timing range: a: unlimited time extension
                           b: 1 second ~ 99 minutes 59 seconds (countdown)
                           c: 1 second ~ 99 hours 59 minutes (countdown)
    Frequency control: stepless speed change, digital display
    Rated load: bilaterally symmetrical 11kg
    Separating funnel specification: 50~1000ml
    Weight: 53kg
    Power: 100w
    Power supply: 220v 50/60 Hz
    Dimensions: 620 × 400 × 484 (mm)

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