CM-230K conductivity monitor

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    Model NumberCM-230K
    CM-230K (LCD) Conductivity Meter is an upgraded product of CM-230 Conductivity Monitor. Based on the original product performance, the measurement and temperature compensation of the CM-230K (LCD) The product is widely used in reverse osmosis. Desalination Electrodialysis and other water treatment equipment online conductivity measurement and monitoring. With the use of more convenient, easier to operate, better performance and so on.
    1 with automatic range switch;
    2 with automatic zero adjustment;
    3 has to switch the display temperature value;
    4 with constant electrode surface box input;
    5 with the conductivity value of the upper limit alarm settings and control contact output;
    6 with alarm control delay setting;
    Technical indicators
    Measuring range: 0 ~ 1999 μS / cm Among them 0 ~ 19.99 μS / cm, 0 ~ 199.9 μS / cm and 0 ~ 1999 μS / cm automatic range switching;
    ~ Temperature compensation: with automatic temperature compensation, the compensation range of 0 ~ 60 , compensation reference 25 , compensation factor: 2.0% / ; ~ Display: 3 1/2 0.56 "LCD (LCD backlight) Read display
    ~ Measurement accuracy: ± 2% (F • S);
    ~ Electrode configuration: 1.00cm-1 plastic platinum black electrode, 4 'pipe thread connection, the wire length of 5m; ~ alarm control and signal output: The instrument has a conductivity set limit alarm and alarm contact (switch) output,
    Contact capacity: 3A / 220VAC; ~ 4 ~ 20Ma
    Signal output: with 20mA value can be set to the upper limit; (This function is optional when ordering confirmation) ~ Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz; ~ Electronic Unit Size: 96 × 48 (mm) : 91 × 45 (mm) Instrument Depth: 100 (mm) ~ Product Inspection Basis: JB / T6855
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