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CC6 economical cell and blood centrifuge

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    Model NumberCC6
    CC6 economical cell and blood centrifuge
    1.CC6 economical centrifuge is driven directly by brushless motor with low noise
    2. Small size, light weight, saving lab space
    3. Digital display timing, speed and centrifugal force, intuitive and convenient operation
    4.CC6 low-speed centrifuge can simultaneously centrifuge 6 15ml tip cells or
    5. Six 15ml round bottom centrifuge tubes, or you can simultaneously centrifuge eight 10ml round bottom centrifuge tubes or
    6. 8 blood collection tubes, the maximum speed is 4000 rev / min, the maximum relative centrifugal force is 1880 × g
    Technical Parameters:
    Model: CC6
    Name: CC6 Economy Centrifuge
    Speed ​​adjustment range: 300-4000rpm
    Maximum centrifugal force: 1880g
    Rotor capacity: 6 × 15ml (optional 5 / 7 / 10ml centrifuge tube adapter)
    Time setting: 1-99 minutes or continuous
    & operation display: Microcomputer control, digital display speed and time;
    & Applicable sample tube: compatible with sharp-bottomed cell tubes, round bottom centrifuge tubes and blood collection tubes
    Motor: brushless maintenance-free motor, long maintenance-free life;
    Heat dissipation design: fan, maximum temperature rise <12°C
    & noise level: <60dB, silent operation
    &Safety protection: Electronic door lock, automatic opening of the cover;
    Dimensions: 26 (W) X 30 (H) X 21 (D) cm, small size and space saving
    Power: 150W
    Net weight: 6kg
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