BGISEQ-500 Genetic Sequencer

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    BGISEQ-500 Genetic Sequencer
    BGISEQ-500 is a exceptional high-througput genome sequencing platform adopting combinatorial Probe-Anchor Synthesis (Cpas) and improved DNA Nanoballs (DNB) technology.As the open one stop sequencing platform,BGISEQ-500 provides the accurate, simple, rapid, flexbile solutions to support a wide range of applications from research to clinical area.
    65~520 Gb per run
    several read length options including but not limited to?SE50、SE100, PE50、PE100?
    support sequencing application?for research, clinical, forensic science and agriculture
    Technical Parameters
    Q30≥85%?(The percentage of bases>Q30 is averaged over the entire run.?This result is performed under BGI-E8 quality control library)
    Lanes: 2 lanes
    Read Lengths: SE50 SE100 PE50 PEI00
    Sequencing Time: 45.5-213 hours
    Effective Reads: Single Flow Cell:1300M / Twin Flow Cell:2600M
    Data Output: Single Flow Cell:65-260Gb/run  /  Twin Flow Cell:130-520Gb/run
    Relative Humidity:15%RH~85%RH,non-condensing
    Atmospheric Pressure:80kPa~106kPa
    Waterproof Rating:IPX0
    **for indoor use only. Sequencing chip can be transported and stored at the room temperature. No liquid medium is required.
    Rated Power:1200VA
    Dimensions: Length 1228mm,Width 734mm,Height 723mm
    Net Weight: 200kg

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