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ATDS - 3420 Thermal desorption automatic sampling device

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    Model NumberATDS - 3420
    Applies to the following areas:
    1, occupational safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental monitoring;
    2, rapid identification of unknown atmosphere;
    3, spice, flavor analysis;
    4 accidents, toxic substances assessment (people when they can return safely to trouble spots);
    5, chemical environment of perimeter security monitoring of the Treasury;
    6 quality control testing, polymers, packaging industry;
    7, solvent and drug purity assessment;
    8, drugs and the Court sample residue analysis;
    9, collected in the hospital patients ' exhaled gases, detection of volatile metabolites of drugs in the blood.
    main features
    1. the ATDS thermal desorption automatic sampling device according to customers ' requirements;
    2. automated design, easy to operate;
    3. microcomputer control, LCD character display, membrane keyboard, numeric input, main features are:
    (1) LCD display: parameter settings, real-time status, run time, year-month-day-time, at a glance;
    (2) resolution furnaces, injection system and sample delivery tube, three-way heated temperature controlled;
    (3) Foreign Affairs, 8-stage time program, run from starting and stopping; 
    (4) has 9 ways for editing, storage, and called at any time, enabling fast startup and analysis;
    (5) can be synchronized to start GC, chromatography data-processing workstation, external event procedures can also be used to start the appliance;
    (6) keyboard operation with muting function;
    (7) LCD brightness can be based on the use of occasions
    4. with external load gas control system, without any modifications and changes for GC instrument can operate. If the carrier gas with original instruments, devices can be considered as modules using the automatic sampling system;
    5. a thermal desorption unit can simultaneously for several GC sample analysis, greatly improving working efficiency;
    6. the thermal desorption sampling of automatic blowback function;
    7. adoption of foreign programming, automatic realization of desorption, sampling, analysis, and features such as analysis, blowback;
    8.0.53mm flexible quartz tubes as active substances analysis optional sample transfer tube;
    9. the key parts adopt imported pneumatic components for driving;
    10. the injection needle has a variety of specifications, can be easily replaced to meet needs of different GC instruments injector;
    Main technical performance
    1. sample zone temperature control range: Set-400 °C at room temperature in increments of 1 ° c heating power about 200W; 2. the range of temperature control of valve-injection system: Increments of-160 ° c to 1 ° c at room temperature setting heating power 60W;
    3 samples transmission pipe temperature control range: Increments of-160 ° c to 1 ° c at room temperature setting heating power 40W; For safe operation, transmission line temperature control low-voltage power supply;
    4. Temperature control accuracy: < ± 0.5 °C;
    5 Temperature gradient: < ± 0.5 °C;
    6. Desorption rate: 85% (and components); 
    7. back-blow cleaning flow: 0~20ml/min (continuously adjustable);
    8.  Dimensions: 170x390x400mm;
    9. instrument weight: about 10 kg.
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