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ALL-5800A fixed-angle crystal orientation instrument

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    Model NumberALL-5800A
    The instrument is designed for customers to provide sapphire ingot angle measurement of directional bonding and research and development to solve the problem of large-size crystal can not be measured on a conventional directional bonding device directional bonding to ensure that large-size crystal directional bonding accuracy. The instrument up and down the system and before and after the feed by stepper motor drive simple operation, advanced PLC program is stable and reliable, low failure rate can be continuous for a long time trouble-free operation. The special two-dimensional fixture adjustment range of equipment is ± 4 degrees, can effectively meet the bonding orientation of the ingot within 300kg, the operator can easily adjust the measured orientation angle, special symmetrical locking device can avoid cutting or dig rod Fixture loose. 360-degree rotation of the review a key to facilitate the convenient and accurate, effectively reducing the operator's work intensity, thus reducing the single-oriented time and improve productivity. The instrument uses a high-end sensor, you can automatically find the reference point, greatly improving the detection efficiency.
    Technical Parameters:
    Input current: single-phase AC voltage 220V, 50HZ
    X-ray tube: copper target, air-cooled, tube voltage 30KV, tube current 0-5mA:
    Counter: Geiger counter tube
    Time constant: 1,2,3 files
    Angle display: HEIDENHAIN digital display: degrees, minutes, seconds display or degree display
    Angle adjustment: dedicated two-dimensional fixture
    Detection position: digital display shows 0
    Workbench before and after exercise: electric, automatic limit
    Up and down movements: electric
    Workbench rotation: electric
    Shutter: electric
    Dimensions: 1390 (L) × 1215 (W) × 2126 (H)
    Instrument weight: 570kg
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