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1000A Industrial Online PH ORP Meter

Product ID:ZXPH004

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    Model Number1000A
    1000A Industrial Online PH / ORP meter is a high-performance PH testing instrument independently developed by our company. Products using imported high-performance electronic devices, good stability, anti-interference ability. Protective housing design allows the instrument even in harsh working conditions can still be a long-term and stable work.
    1 All imported chips and components, using the latest surface mount production technology to ensure stable and reliable instrument work;
    2 multiple parameters at the same time show: Can simultaneously display the PH value, temperature, high alarm settings, low alarm settings, the instrument is in a high or low alarm state, and the current time. The parameters at a glance.
    3 unique 4 ~ 20 mA current output corresponding to the PH value is reversible and can be any value set, giving users more special convenience.
    4 uses a waterproof, airproof and fully sealed shell, which can be used in very harsh environmental conditions with a protection level of IP65.
    5 RS485 communication (optional);
    6 unique operation of the design menu, brought to the user and the great convenience, users do not read the instructions can be used freely.
    7 keyless operation for three minutes backlight automatically shut down both energy-saving but also extend the service life; screen contrast level adjustable.
    Technical Parameters:
     Measuring range: 0.00 ~ 14.00pH
    Resolution: 0.01pH
    Accuracy: 0.05 level
    Stability: ≤ 0.03pH / 24h;
    pH standard solution: 4.00 / 7.00 / 10.01; 4.01 / 6.86 / 9.18
    Temperature compensation: 0 ~ 99.9 (pH)
    pH calibration range: zero ± 1.45 pH; slope ± 30%
    Motion Control: Two sets of ON / OFF relays
    Relay hysteresis: arbitrarily set
    Signal isolation output: 4 ~ 20mA isolation protection output
    Working conditions: Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 45
    Signal input impedance: ≥ 1 × 1013W
    Current Output Load: The maximum allowable load is 500W
    Insulation to voltage: the minimum load is 500VDC
    Working voltage: 230VAC ± 10%, 50 / 60Hz
    Protection class: instrument protection class IP65
    Can be adapted to domestic and foreign manufacturers of composite industrial pH / ORP electrode
    Size: 96 × 96 × 120mm
    Dashboard mounting hole size 92 × 92 mm
    Weight: 0.9 kg
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